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Teampseak 3, how to set it up

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Teampseak 3, how to set it up

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:50 am

Heres a tutorial on how to set it up


The download for Teamspeak 3 is here,  and you are downloading the CLIENT 32 or 64 not the server.


The server address is  :     ts107.light-speed.com:9653
The password is in the forums, or obtain from commander or officers

Please use your ingame username,  as well set it up for PUSH to talk, and not voice activation, then we dont get background noise from your TV, dogs, kids, wife, GF, and other players talking if you have them on desktop speakers , etc.


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Re: Teampseak 3, how to set it up

Post by Edmonton_0ilers_Fan on Fri Jan 17, 2014 1:09 pm

Once installed, run the program and hit connect

Then enter this in the server address :    ts107.light-speed.com:9653    , For Name, please put in  your ingame name in worldoftanks, and to the right of the name is the server password (obtainable from Clan officers or clan members once you join the clan)

Now, click connect

Now you will be in our Teamspeak Server,  First thing is click add to bookmarks at the top to save all the connection info.

Now you will see a channel called Guest Platoon, move to this channel and you will be able to talk, First an officer will have to assign you permissions to move amongst all our channels

Last thing to do, is we prefer push to talk for communicating in game, to get there, go to settings, then options.

On the lefts side, click Capture, and then select which button you will use to activate Talk, Q is same as in game, you may have to uncheck In game Talk in worldoftanks game so there is no feedback with teamspeak, then apply the settings.

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