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NHL clan 2018-2019 Regular Season Hockey Pool - Win Prizes

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NHL clan 2018-2019 Regular Season Hockey Pool - Win Prizes

Post by Edmonton_0ilers_Fan on Thu Sep 27, 2018 8:45 am

Our hockey pool is back, it is open to clanmates from our 3 clans as well as any world of tanks players.

enter at:   https://hockeydraft.ca/

Login:  nhlclan18

Password:  wotnhl

Once logged in, click entry form on the left side below Hockeydraft.ca
it will open up a new screen, where you put in your name as it appears ingame, email, and a password used for trashtalk section. pick 1 entry from each of the boxes and hit submit at the bottom.

Enter your name exactly as in world of tanks to ensure you get the prize.  NHL clan members precede your name with NHL  and a dash


NHL-Ingamename   etc.

Prizes for NHL clan
1st - Tier 6
2nd- Tier 3
3rd - Tier 3
4th - 500 gold
5th - T2LT

Non clan members the first and only prize so far is 1250 gold out of gift shop (ensure you enter your name correctly as it appears in game) NO CLAN TAGS required

1st-1250 gold
2nd-500 gold

-one entry per account name for worldoftanks
-NHL clan prizes - you must be in NHL prior to Oct. 3rd.
-a Tie will be decided by diceroll.
-Keep trash talking in the draft respectful.

-Prizes will increase for both clan and non clan if we get extra donations

if you are wishing to donate contact sparkygt in game.  (donations can be made via paypal or possibly emt, this ensures we the cash on hand to hand out any extra prizes)
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