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Complaints Against Clan Members

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Complaints Against Clan Members Empty Complaints Against Clan Members

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 07, 2016 6:38 am

If you wish to file complaints against our clan members, please follow the guidelines below, there is a in-game reporting system in world of tanks.

Any team killing, or team damage is handled by the ingame system.

You can submit a complaint by holding «Ctrl» and right-clicking on the name of the player you wish to report. You can then choose from several available complaint options in a pop-up context menu. Only the pre-set options may be used.  Input fields are not available.

you can check the link here to see how this works.


In game chat in any online game is very volatile, most people online will say a great deal of things they wouldn't say in person.  If you are having problems with in game chat with any player it is recommended to block that player so you will not see them in chat.

You can add a player to the ignore list during a battle. To do this, simultaneously press/hold Ctrl then right-click on the chosen player's name. After that choose the option “Add to ignore list.”

From now on you will not receive any further messages from that player.

If a player is swearing and your are offended by this, please use the ingame settings, you can find this by hitting ESC - Game Settings and under the general tab/Chat, there is a box to check to censor in game messages.  If you absolutely cant take any criticism in game, there is also a option farther down to "Disable Battle Chat" (In random battles only) this may be your best option.

If however you still feel the need to complain to the clan commander personally, please have a replay available, screenshots only show specific instances in the battle and not the whole situation. We dont need to know how good/bad you are, what you do for a living past or present, or your age.  Replays speak for themselves. Provide us with a description of what and the time in the replay that the instance happened. You can either upload a replay and send the link to the clan commander ingame or send a replay to this email below ,be sure to message the clan commander that it has been sent and it will be reviewed and appropriate action will be taken.

Complaints Against Clan Members Email_10

-took your kill
-hid in your favorite bush
-knocked your cover down
-blocked the road
-hid behind you
-bumped into you
-didnt do what you wanted
-overperformed / underpeformed
-shot you with gold

Remember it is a game, not real life.


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