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NHL LHN CFL Recruiting

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NHL LHN CFL Recruiting

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:00 am

Recruiting for  -NHL-  -LHN- - CFL-

-NHL- 1 Tier Ten Tank is required, Clan wars Division, Recent WN8 of 1300 +, TS3 is required, Clan wars and strongholds participation is required.

-LHN-  this is our casual grinding up clan, or for newer players, no TS3 required, occasional strongholds

-CFL- Casual clan for players who lone wolf, or limited playtimes, good to have a clan tag for some events.

Recruiting is open and you can apply to join through worldoftanks.com by clicking the link below, and going to our clan page. Or Message SparkyGT if you are interested and have questions or want  a invite sent out.   The links below go to our clan pages on worldoftanks.com and have more information.

-NHL- CLAN World of Tanks Link

-LHN- CLAN World of Tanks Link  has automatic acceptance if you are within requirements

-CFL- CLAN World of Tanks Link has automatic acceptance if you are within requirements

If you dont meet our requirements, Then please contact one of the Recruiters, and we can consider your application to the clan.

The below pages have our individual recruiting threads in world of tanks.com

NHL World of Tanks Recruiting Thread

LHN World of Tanks Recruiting Thread

CFL World of Tanks Recruiting Thread


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